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Hydrate & Replenish Facial 60mins

$75.00 (suitable for dry, dehydrated & 

sensitive skin) *Pregancy Safe

Not only will this thirst quenching facial put the bounce back

in dehydrated skin, leaving it feeling plump, soft and smooth.

It will send you off into a feeling of deep relaxation with a 

soothing facial, neck and shoulder massage.

The Ultimate Detox Facial 60mins 

$85.00 (suitable for dull, oily, problematic 

or ageing skin types)

This facial will help to brighten, refresh and balance the skin,

whilst removing stubborn congestion and blackheads.

The double exfoliation which includes the Skin Juice Pumpkin

Peel, will help to leave the skin feeling dewey, soft and 


Rejuvenation Facial 70mins $100.00 

As the name suggests this facials is designed to rejuvenate

tired, dull dehydrated skin,

The products used in this facial are specifically picked for their 

skin renewing and hydrating properties.

Ingredients rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C will help to 

reduce sensitivity and brighten the skin.

Whilst the anti-ageing Pumpkin Peel lifts away dry dead skin 

leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated.



As far as exfoliation methods go, Diamond Microdermabrasion is among the best you can find. It can assist in eliminating acne,

reducing fine lines, enlarged pore size, scarring and uneven skin tone. 

By removing dead skin cells quickly, you’ll revive a dull-looking complexion and also help prevent other types of skin issues such as clogged pores. Once free of old, dull skin, your complexion will return to clear and glowing as new skin develops and shines through

Microdermabrasion Treatment Option 1:

Double cleanse, Diamond Microdermabrasion to entire face & neck, extractions (if required), hydrating mask, neck & shoulder massage

$85.00 45mins

Microdermabrasion Treatment Option 2 (suitable sun-damaged or problematic skin types):

Double cleanse, MultiFruit Salon Peel, extractions, Diamond Microdermabrasion to entire face & neck, hydrating mask, 

neck & shoulder massage

$110.00 1hr


Skin Needling

Microneedling with the Dermapen 4 can treat and reduce scarring, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, age/sun spots and it tightens the skin. The Dermapen 4 is the breakthrough in technology using the most advanced needle cartridge to treat a number of skin ailments. It creates millions of fractional channels up to 104% faster than other micro needling devices. The channels can carry up to 80% more topical nutrients into the skin, in turn triggering our bodies natural response to repair the skin. Resulting in increased production of collagen and elastin, resurfacing retexturising and skin renewal.

  • Anti Aging Dermapen treatments designed to create a safe healing response within the body to ignite natural collagen and elastin production from within the skin, without harsh side effects and downtime, along with repairing the surface layers to result in healthier skin; looking brighter, tighter, more even toned, refined pores and reduced wrinkles. 

    Your face, lip area, eye area, ears, neck, chest, hands and scalp are all treated with pinpoint precision to promote rapid lifting, firming and toning of facial features and contours.

    What’s more, the microchannels allow your skin to carry up to 80% more active ingredients which dive deep into your skin to feed and be absorbed by the underlying cells.

    You'll see results in just one session. 

  • Scarring Dermapen 4 is the only microneedling device with a dedicated scar setting and protocols for revision of deep, atrophic scars; including surgical, burn contracture, striae and post-acne scars. Needle penetration can now be increased up to 3.0mm. AOVN technology, automatically calibrates the motor speed, pressure and penetration for targeted precision. No dragging. No pulling of the skin. A popular Dermapen Scar Treatment is for the treatment of Stretch Marks, both old and new. Both practitioners and patients have found Dermapen treatments to be more effective for stretch marks than any laser treatments. Dermapen Scarring Treatments may include: atrophic scars; including surgical, burn contracture, stretch marks/striae and post-acne scars.

  • Pigmentation

    Unlike some Laser treatments, Dermapen removes the risk of heat injury and hypopigmentation risks, whilst promoting optimised cell function. This makes it a suitable procedure for any patient affected by melasma and with a predisposition to hyperpigmentation. Treatment is also suitable on all Fitzpatrick Skin Types and ethnicities. Dermapen treatments have also been found to be effective on Hypopigmentation Vitiligo treatments. Clinically Dermapen treatments work in four ways to reverse the production of hyperpigmentation and melasma. 

$200 per session or 3x sessions for $520


Waxing & Tinting

Eyebrow Sculpt (trim, wax & tweeze) $20
Lip Wax $10
Chin Wax $10
Sides of Face $20
Underarm Wax $15
Bikini Wax $30
Brazilian Wax $45
Full Leg Wax $40
3/4 Leg Wax $35
1/2 Leg Wax $22
Full Arm Wax $30
Half Arm Wax $20
Eyebrow Tint $15
Lash Tint $22
Lash Lift & Tint $85


Spray Tans

Why Choose Mediterranean Spray Tan?

Mediterranean Spray Tan is NATURAL

  • This Spray Tan is made with a combination of the most natural ingredients. 

  • This Spray Tan contains ECO Certified Organic DHA

  • This Spray Tan is formulate WITHOUT alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol and synthetic fragrance

  • This Spray Tan is Odour-Free. 

  • This Spray Tan has Beautiful Natural Bronzed Colour

  • This Spray Tan NEVER any Orange Tones

  • This Spray Tan is Streak Free

  • This Spray Tan Dries in minutes

  • This Spray Tan is available in 1hr or 2hr Rapid  Spray Tan Solution

  • This Spray Tan fades away evenly for a long lasting Natural Spray Tan



Eyebrow Tattoo. Microblading. Powder

Microblading- is a form of Eyebrow tattooing in which a small hand held tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment (the pigment we have chosen to use in the salon is 100% free from heavy metals and is an organic plant based pigment) to the skin. Microblading differs from "Powder Brow" eyebrow tattoo because each hair stroke is created by hand using the hand held tool, whilst Powder Brow eyebrow tattoo is done with a machine with a single needle. Pigment is deposited only to the very top area of the Dermis or lower part of the Epidermis hence why is fades quicker than an actual tattoo therefore needling 18-24 monthly touch ups. Microblading is more suited to a normal-dry skin type and for those wanting a more hair stroke look.

Powder Brow- is very different to the old 'blocky tattoo' look that was getting around years ago. It's a soft powdery finish that looks like you have applied some eyebrow powder to your brows (hence the name). A hand held tattoo machine using a single needle implants hundreds of tiny dots of pigment into the skin which resembles a soft powder finish. Once healed you can wake up, swim, sweat with brows that always look perfectly filled with a soft subtle powder. Pigment is deposited only to the very top area of the Dermis or lower part of the Epidermis hence why is fades quicker than an actual tattoo therefore needling 18-24 monthly touch ups. Powder Brows are suitable for any skin type (but they happen to be very suitable for an oily skin type) and for those who love that soft powder filled brow.

Both Microblading and Powder Brows are not able to be booked online, you will need to contact us via email, call or text to book an appointment.